Gtech (group Of Technology Companies In Kerala) Is Organising A Mega Carnival To Raise Funds To Support Special Education Programs For Children Affected By Dyslexia

GTech (Group of Technology Companies in Kerala) is organising a mega Carnival to raise funds to support special education programs for children affected by Dyslexia. We aim to raise a Million Rupees through a three hour sporting and entertainment extravaganza conducted by Sportz4you, that will be a fun event for our friends and family. For details visit - :  view more Notifications

Travancore National SchoolWhat makes us special !!!

We are committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse culture band experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community and in the joy and importance of lifelong learning.
Our primary focus is our students. At the heart of the experience is a partnership between the student and teacher - our one-to-one tutorial. Our students obtain the best possible opportunity to realize their potential in the classrooms, in theater, music, athletics, and in many other areas of interest.

We have a Preschool known as the "Twinkle Block"  and a specialized school for dyslexic students. Our Preschool has all the amenities to teach our young minds the value of life's education through fun and frolic. Young children are the future building blocks of our nation. Our curriculum emphasizes on all aspects of a child's growth to build him into a proud citizen of this vibrant country.

A section of our Travancore National School, is known by the name "Einstein Block". This section of school helps children with special talents balance life and tap into their full potential. We have a dedicated panel of teachers who takes care of children with learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.

Learning disability is the most commonly mismanaged handicap.
A delay or impairment in any process of learning, starting with selecting, registering, retention, recall and expression of information can cause learning problems in an individual.
This life long condition can manifest in a person's life in different ways at different age levels. The deficits and strengths have to be carefully analyzed for remediation and remedial skills have to be taught to the person at the earliest to remediate or circumvent the problem. Each person with learning problem is unique showing a different combination and severity of problems.

Immediate attention from parent is a must.
Academically, he may write poorly, read or spell poorly or has difficulty retention numbers and mathematical operations. You may come across that he is having poor memory for alphabets as well as spellings, poor meaning of words or concepts, lack of understanding conversation delivered at normal rate, lack of interest in academics, high distractability, fidgety behavior, poor understanding of expression of mother tongue or English, lack of planning, lack of time management, poor role taking skills in games, poor rule bound behavior, lack of frustration tolerance, anger, lack of discipline, lack of emotionality, lack of required activity levels, lack of taking social cues etc. all of this may result in lack of achievement which will in turn affect them negatively. If more than five of these warning signs are present, it indicates that he needs help of continual basis.

Why catch them young?
Despite all the above mentioned problems affecting their learning process, he may be so above normal in many ways as well. It becomes our duty to bring out the best in this child, starting, intervention at a very young age. Firstly, younger age intervention would not expose them to more failures. Secondly this gives us enough time for remediation of the basic learning processes.

When should we do inclusive training?
Whenever the special educator finds that the child is independent in reading, understanding, analyzing and answering tasks at hand he can be given a few hours of inclusive training. This is possible only in children devoid of any behavioral problems. In that case the time of inclusion may take longer. Inclusive training is aiming at exposing the child to all facilities which they might have missed out in the initial years.

Who are to help in child's molding?
Parents play a key part in exposing them to various aspects of learning with a, slightly higher attention than they could give to a learning efficient child. In that respect they are also responsible to make aware of the sibling of the child in giving respect and recognition to this child who has a learning problem.

What teachers in our school does!!!
1) We have a good remedial pro gramme which intents to teach the basics till middle school level.
2) We have made the choice of subjects for our students stree free.
3) Your child have an extremely conducive environment.
4) We dedicate individual attention to the child that will exceed all their apprehensions.
5) Our program will boost their communication skills and personality.

The programmes we offer.
1) Remedial programmes in math, reading and writing.
2) Academics at simpler level of grasping.
3) Behavioral therapy and Cognitive retraining.
4) Assessments and individualized education programme.
5) National open schooling coaching.

Our categories of children include
1) Children with learning problems like dyslexia, dusgraphis, dyscalculia.
2) Children with learning problems with attention deficit and hyperactivity.
3) Children with learning problems with developmental delay.
4) Children with learning problems with speech disorders.
5) Children with learning problems with mild personality disorders.

Our host of other services include
1) Yoga
2) Magic Classes
3) Orofacial treatment
4) Speech Therapy
5) Extra curricular activities like, dance, music  and painting classes
6) Panel of Doctors
7) Prof. Madhusoodhanan Nair academic library
8) Child Psychologist
9) After school care ( kids till  12 yrs)
10) Computer lab