Gtech (group Of Technology Companies In Kerala) Is Organising A Mega Carnival To Raise Funds To Support Special Education Programs For Children Affected By Dyslexia

GTech (Group of Technology Companies in Kerala) is organising a mega Carnival to raise funds to support special education programs for children affected by Dyslexia. We aim to raise a Million Rupees through a three hour sporting and entertainment extravaganza conducted by Sportz4you, that will be a fun event for our friends and family. For details visit - :  view more Notifications

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Pre- School

Our pre-school programme is modeled upon early childhood practices. The programme is designed to educate the child in a wholesome manner: physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Integration of subjects provides a rich and stimulating programme which encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression. We have a secure environment where risk-taking is encouraged and where children perceive themselves as capable and competent learners.

Our pre-school programme provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and challenged to learn. Your children will make new friends and develop self-confidence as they strengthen their cognitive skills.


Travancore National School has a specialized wing for remediation of dyslexia and other learning related disabilities. Other diagnoses may include Dyspraxia, CAPD( Central Auditory Processing Disorder), Dyscalculia (Maths), Dysgraphia (Writing), and disorders of written expression. It is common for our students to have attention executive function difficulties( ADD or ADHD). Taken together, highly trained and dedicated faculty members implement a time tested and innovative remediation program in concert with a structured attention, a technology driven rich environment and motivated students.

Travancore National School-Learning and Intervention Program Schedule

Programme: Intensive Pre-School Programme
Admission age: 3-9 years
Course Contents:
1) Attention Programme
2) Occupational therapy
3) Speech Therapy
4) Activity Scheduling
5) Activities of Daily Living
Course duration : Full time 2 years

Programme: Junior School remedial Programme

Admission age: 3-9 years
Course Contents:
1) Reading and Writing Programme
Course duration : 3 times a week for 2 years / 5 days a week on Alternate schooling

Programme: Middle School remedial Programme
Admission age: 10-12 years
Course Contents:
1) Spellings
2) Reading
3) Reading comprehension
4) Writing skills
5) Spontaneous writing
Course duration
: 3 times a week for 2 years/ 5 days a week. Alternate schooling with CBSE

Programme: High School level remediation  Programme
Admission age: 12-14 years
Course Contents:
1) Vocabulary
2) Concept development
3) Reading and writing comprehension
4) Writing speed.
Course duration
:3 times a week for 2 years / 5 days   week. Guided by CBSE syllabus

Programme: Pre NIOS and NIOS Programme
Admission age: 13-16 years
Course Contents:
1) Subject training
2) Writing skills ( or the use of scribe provision)
Course duration
:1+ 2 years / 5 days a week. Alternate Schooling.

Programme: NIOS-  Plus 2 Programme.
Admission age: 16 years- 19 years
Course Contents:
Optional subject training
Course duration :
2 years full time / 5 days a week.


Travancore National school holds a special significance in the field of education. It is continuously expanding its spheres by adding new dimensions to school education. The outcome is sheer brilliance which is a result of rigorous inputs. It is some sort of adaptive supremacy in the age of supercharged competitiveness.Students are the foundation of any nation. They play a vital role in shaping the country. A strong foundation can only withhold towering structures. The shaping of student to an ideal citizen is the most challenging task before all.

Travancore National School is the only school in Kerala started and implementing structured teaching. More than forty children who comes under autism spectrum disorders are attending for different therapies in our school.

We have been working with intellectually challenged children. We have a vision to start exclusive structured teaching school for children with autism spectrum disorders. Our experienced staff knows how well to manage and make your child adapt to living environments.

To realize this vision we have :
Developed specialized programs that are focused on individual child ("Child as a Whole"). We establish functional goals; communicate those goals to the parents and help the child achieve those goals.