Gtech (group Of Technology Companies In Kerala) Is Organising A Mega Carnival To Raise Funds To Support Special Education Programs For Children Affected By Dyslexia

GTech (Group of Technology Companies in Kerala) is organising a mega Carnival to raise funds to support special education programs for children affected by Dyslexia. We aim to raise a Million Rupees through a three hour sporting and entertainment extravaganza conducted by Sportz4you, that will be a fun event for our friends and family. For details visit - :  view more Notifications

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Annual Report Of Travancore National School For The Academic Year 2014 Available

Wednesday ,1st Jul , 2015

Travancore National School has released the Annual report for the year 2014. The report can be downloaded from the resources section of the website.
Right Education should help the student not only to develop his capacities but also to understand his
own higher interest.
Our aim in the Travancore National School is to help the child in overcoming his disability in the learning
process and bring out the special interests in him. The inability to learn should not be an inhibiting factor
in his success as an individual.
Travancore National School made its inroads in the field of education on 25th of June 2014 under the
able guidance of Prof V.Madhusoodanan Nair Chairman , Travancore National School, Shri Prajin Babu
Secretary Travancore Education Trust, Smt.Sandhya P.R ,Director of the school.
The Inaugural ceremony was initiated by our Hon.Minister for Home Affairs and Vigilance Shri Ramesh
Chennithala in the presence of dignitaries, Shri M.A.Baby, former education minister and Shri Jacob
Punnoose, former DGP of Kerala, Dr. Sreejith N.Kumar , State IMA President, Shri Shajahan Government
Secretary to Social Welfare Dept., Shri Sridhar Chartered Accountant, Prof.T.K.Thambi and
Dr.N.C.Sreekumar President IMA Trivandrum Unit.
The IMA Trivandrum has adopted the Travancore National School and they are a very good source of
support. Special thanks to IMA, especially to Dr sreejith N.Kumar, Dr. Sulphi, Dr.Sreekumar,
Dr.Vasudevan Potti, Dr. Prasanth, Dr. Shafi for their whole hearted support and dedication to help our
school and our children.