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                   Our school offers an outstanding special educational programme that is committed to its vision, robust in its academic aims, innovative in instructional approaches and rigorous in its pursuit of excellence. The School has been the precursor of the much desired change to stress free based education and has become a world class institution within this short period.

                   The School employs a fine blend of proven teaching and instructional approaches based on the experiences of past years. Our highlight is the exclusive method of remedial teaching. We recognize that an increasing number of children have special educational needs of varying degree which is  the result of general learning difficulties, specific problems or the need to be able to make full use of a specific ability. Sometimes learning problems can be lengthy and complicated and in other cases they can be overcome in a short period of time, through individual help and guidance.

                       It is our school’s policy that all students have full access to all the opportunities, we offer and achieve the best possible standards using their full potentials. Our school systems, teaching methods, learning approaches and materials meet the range and complexity of individual needs.

                    Our dynamic associations and partnerships with international institutions bring together the best global initiatives to make learning a passion for our students and schooling a wonderful experience.

                    At Travancore National School, we redefine education in its most literal sense, meeting the needs of every kid.


To provide an educational environment in which students feel safe, secured, empowered, energized and stress free learning experiences to their maximum potential. The Travancore National School provides holistic education that emphasizes high academic and social standards, promotes healthy life style, cultivates critical thinking, fosters scientific temper, instils desires for lifelong learning.


To make Travancore National School, a leading, learning hub for special kids with motivated staff and students engaged in realizing and exploring the limits of their full and human potential to graciously contribute to the society.

The Travancore National School is one of the pioneers in imparting comprehensive educational care for children with special needs in the state. Located at Thiruvananthapuram, the State Capital of Kerala, it provides its students 360 Degree care when it comes to their personal as well as educational needs.

The Institution is under the administration of Travancore Education Trust and supported by Travancore Dyslexia Association. We strive to provide excellent, academic, extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities to the kids with the special needs.

          Travancore Education Trust is the first Institution to introduce a 6:1 ratio teaching methodology instead of inclusive education for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc. We aim at introducing this system all over south India. Within a short span itself our methodology has been accepted by International Federation of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Associations, USA. We were also given membership in the prestigious organisation based at United State of America.

Our faculty members are next to mothers for our children and our school, their second home. For them, the support extended to the kids with special needs are not just part of professional plan but true reflection of their commitment for a better world where every child gets the care and attention he/she needs.

Rather than syllabus and examinations, it is the overall growth and education of the children that are the focus of our educational programme. Our ‘teachers–mothers’, are ably assisted by child psychologists and counsellors, who also extends their services to the children’s families in order to help them understand the unique qualities of their children.

          We have been constantly endeavouring to inculcate the latest trends of modern education, teaching tools and scientific advancement in our curriculum and to equip our faculty members accordingly.

The right mix of motivated students, supportive parents, talented faculties and appropriate infrastructure makes Travancore National School, the best choice for every child with special needs.

We are committed to support the needs of special kids to integrate themselves into the society and live a normal life. We consider the educational and training programs imparted to them at this institution as support mechanism for them to take on the world and evolve as the most appreciated citizens of our country.

Travancore National School, the first school in the city for children with learning disabilities, is the result of a mother’s determination to help her son and other gifted students like him


Sandhya Prajin refused to give up. Her battle began when her lively two-and-a-half-year-old son Tejas Prajin began schooling. Although teachers dismissed him as hyperactive, Sandhya was convinced that her son had a problem that had to be solved to unlock his potential. Then came the confusion, the fears, the anxiety, the rage and the silent tears. The moving finger of Fate had written and neither tears nor anger would ensure that her son would read the writing on the wall without help.

“I talked about him to almost every one I met. I hoped someone would guide me or help me find a school to help Tejas. I pleaded, pulled strings and finally managed to put my son into a class that had a teacher who was well-known for her happy teaching methods. There was a marked improvement in him and then I knew I had to help him find the right school and teacher,” she says. A friend persuaded her to get her son checked at the Child Development Centre at the Medical College and that told her what was different about him. He was dyslexic, a problem that he shared with more than five-10 per cent of the school growing population, according to the Madras Dyslexic Association (MDA).

Only then was her husband, Prajin Babu, convinced that Tejas needed help. Till then he, like many parents, was in a state of denial. “In addition a friend made Prajin watch Taare Zameen Par, [ Aamir’s Khan’s landmark film on dyslexia]. That was when he understood what Tejas had to tackle in school every day,” she recounts.

Sandhya struggled to find a school that would teach her bright child. One of the city schools did have a programme for such children but when it decided to integrate it to make way for inclusive education, Sandhya did not throw up her hands in despair.

She and her husband decided to open a school for children with learning disabilities, perhaps the first such school in the city. Travancore National School, which now functions out of a rented building in Maruthankuzhy, is the result of her determination to help her son and other children like him.

Specially trained teachers and a child psychologist help the children comprehend the subjects.The seven students in the school have different levels of grasping. So they are taught individually. One-to-one teaching and special teaching methods help them make sense of languages and numbers.

The teachers point out that none of the students is autistic or mentally challenged. But many parents fear that their children would be stigmatised if they were to go to a school that is meant for those diagnosed with learning disabilities. She adds that instead of forcing such children to take the Board exams, parents should be opting for the National Institute of Open Schooling. The teachers have also devised a programme wherein a student of any school can utilise the services of the trained teachers for two hours on specific days of the week to improve their cognition levels.

Dr. Sreejith N. Kumar, chairman of the Indian Medical Association’s research cell (IMA), says: “Our aim is three-fold. Help raise awareness about learning disabilities among parents, relatives and teachers and medical professionals. Two, lobby the government to train teachers to spot and help such children and set up affordable facilities in government schools to help children and parents. Three, support schools like Travancore National School with workshops and other professional help.

Sandhya hopes to build the school into a nodal centre for children with learning difficulties. “We have classes from kindergarten to Class 12. With the support of the IMA and Travancore Dyslexic Association, we want to turn it into a centre with facilities for training teachers and parents to help their children become greats like Einstein, Agatha Christie, Leonardo da Vinci, Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg in the future.” These legends were/are dyslexic. 

Saraswathy Nagarajan

(An article written for The Hindu dated 13 August,2014)

We at Travancore National School are committed to

  • Impart holistic education for higher academic and social standard.
  • Provide conducive learning environment and opportunities for all round development.
  • Instil positive values, self-discipline, self-confidence, altruism and compassion.

We strive for continual improvement in our quality management system by systematically applying the principles of quality assurance. The policy is communicated to all staff, students, parents and interested parties.

Travancore National School has been envisaged as a school for giving specialized training to children with dyslexia(difficulty with managing language)and other related learning disabilities like Dyscalculia(difficulty in learning Mathematics ) Dysgraphia(difficulty in writing),CAPD(Central auditory processing disorder) and ADD/ADHD(Attention executive function difficulties).

          We have a talent pool of highly trained and dedicated  faculty members, who follow  the most advanced and scientific remediation programmes in a structured way.

        We have in-house psychologists to provide counselling session and life skill training for students.

                 We specialize in providing personalized classes and individual care and attention to students in a technology-driven rich environment to motivate students.

Our special training institute is dedicated to students with Autism, Intellectual Disability. We have opened an exclusive structural teaching school for these children with autism spectrum disorders  where special educators ,psychologists and speech therapist  work in tandem to help the needy children rediscover their lives.

Here, the admission for these children has been restricted to the age group up to 12 years.

Recognising the significance of social participation and inclusion; we also embarked on a mission to create awareness about dyslexia. Leading playback singer G. Venugopal joined the campaign by agreeing to be Travancore National School’s goodwill ambassador. This ensured that we got some attention in the press and on social media, which we were able to leverage to our advantage by focusing media coverage on our cause, all of which went a long way in promoting awareness about dyslexia.

The research cell of the Thiruvananthapuram branch of the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) has joined hands with our school for a unique threefold awareness campaign.

Together, we are attempting to raise awareness about learning disabilities among parents, relatives, and teachers and medical professionals. We are also lobbying with the government to train teachers to identify and help children with dyslexia, and to set up affordable facilities in government schools to help the indigent children and their parents. Furthermore, we are working to develop a network of such institutions and to train professionals who can help the needy children from low-income families.

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